Infrastructure is all about building assets for our customers to provide them with nothing but the best.

At Vipul Copper we aim to provide our customers with the best, which has been possible based on our long laid infrastructure which strives every day to innovate, and re-create quality that meet our customers need. Our infrastructure is confined to steel tech quality policy, laying foundation to the vision of a better product for tomorrow.

Our Infrastructure policy

  • Creating and promoting copper products for industries
  • Provide customers with best quality service and products
  • Implement Establish and Review Quality management in the organization
  • Create a healthy working environment inside the organization
  • Implement Quality management system to improve innovate and grow.

Research and Development

The success of a great vision solely lies in the heart of challenges.
Our aim to provide our customers with excellent quality and service has been made possible because of tireless hard work of our research and development team. This consistent Research and Development has helped in creation of new products for our customers and ensures excellent quality of the existing products.

Insight of Research and Development at Vipul Copper

  • Vipul Copper research and development centre has been the corner stone to improved quality copper products.
  • Our innovation and continuous strive to provide the best to our customers has actually help us create imported quality products.
  • Certified by Indian standard Institute our products adhere to stringent quality process check.
The success of Research and development team has been made possible by personally visiting various countries & customers regularly to assess the effectiveness of the R&D and Quality.