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The year of debut of Vipul’s now illustrious business venturedates back to 1996. Vipul’s start to the world of copper manufacturing solutions had beenwith Copper Rods, Copper Busbar and Copper Strip for Submersible Motor Rotor. Today, it prides itself as alarge-scale manufacture of a multifarious range of copper fabricated products, copper profiles, copper nuggets and earth rods. Some of its extended manufacturing solutions include awide array of PVC wires and cables, submersible winding wire and electrical stamping.

  • Over three decades of copper Industry.
  • Trusted by a satisfied global clientele.
  • Electrical Motor Material Solution.


  • To constantly strive and build dynamic copper products that defines the C of convenience in engineering solutions.
  • To maintain manufacturing operations with eco-friendly solutions and minimum pollutant release.
  • To establish a reputed brand in the market that epitomizes in producing a diversity of engineering purpose copper products that can ensure flexibility, durability for a life-time experience.
  • To focus and prioritize our customers and their satisfaction with our manufacturing solutions.
  • To create a healthy and a motivated environment for our employees


  • To build a brand that epitomizes a global standard of highly engineered copper products for large scale industrial purposes.
  • To envision a world whereCopper’s eternal use to mankind is synergic with advanced and powerful engineering solutions.
  • To create a broader impact of copper’s convenience to customers across worldwide.
  • To preserve a powerful work-culture at Vipul Coppers.
  • To serve a good products to our customers with a best price.

“A Success in management entails learning with the speed at which the world keeps changing”

“A Success in management entails learning with the speed at which the world keeps changing”
At Vipul Coppers, we believe thata key to success is to assemble and build a strong management team. We feel that our management is a reflection of how our employees treat our customers.Hence, at Vipul we foster an environment of continuous training and development to our employees. That, we believe can help our employees to enhance their skills and performance at work.
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