Vipul Copper

Copper Nuggets / Anode

These are copper nuggets/ anode with high demand in industrial usage of gravure industries  because of its oxygen free property. Ranging between the diameter of 11 to 20mm and length between 10-400 and 20-400 mm it has got high utility in production field of consumer goods.

At Vipul Copper we manufacture all our nuggets in Up-Cast procedure, with highly pure CU-OF copper. We also manufacture phosphorus based Copper nuggets / anode by homogenously blending phosphorus in molten Copper. These phosphorus blended Copper nuggets are of high demand in electrical application like PCB & Plating of Plastics & other Metals because of its disposition property. With phosphorus content from 0.04% to 0.06% these Cu-DXP Nuggets / Anode are ideal for acidic bath even electric bath.