Vipul Copper

Copper Rod

Copper Rod – Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity material.

These are “OFC” oxygen free high thermal conductivity rods mainly used for the purpose of cryogenics. At Vipul copper we make sure that our copper rods are casted under extreme precaution to make them free from contamination and are 99.9% pure in nature. With extreme purity and high conductivity these rods are more in demand at the industrial sector for its chemical property more than its conductivity.



Cathodes and Mill Berry Scrap, which have a copper content of more than 99.95 %, are first melted down in a carefully monitored process and then cast continuously as an endless bar.

Still glowing, this bar is then fed into the hot-rolling mill where it is rolled into copper rod. This is followed by surface conservation before the rod is laid into coils weighing up to 5 ton each. Sampling, packing and labelling complete the production process. This efficient, energy-optimized and environmentally friendly continuous casting process is constantly being perfected and used by Vipul Copper.



Every coil manufactured undergoes intensive testing by an independent department. Integrated “in-line” procedures are constantly on the look-out for surface defects and magnetizable inclusions.

At the same time, all the relevant parameters of the production process are monitored, documented and used for the detailed assessment of the products’ quality. Independently of this, two rod samples are taken from each coil, which are then used for destructive testing: properties such as electrical conductivity, surface, quality of the microstructure, tensile strength, chemical composition and recrystallization behavior are determined and compared with fixed target values. Only if the rod meets the defined criteria in every respect is it released for dispatch.